This is a compilation of truths that I have come to learn throughout my life. Some of them told to me by much more influential people than myself, and some through mistakes that I have made. It’s a story of love and loss and a desire for my children to be valuable people, faithful friends and deeper lovers than I myself was. It’s a love letter, of sorts, learned from trial and error… mostly error. In the end, we only have this moment to stand above the crowd, be courageous and never forget the simplest of truths: Love hard! Be generous with all things, and believe in second chances!

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February 8, 2017 through February 14, 2017

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Aldo grew up in a modest home in the modest town of Mooresville, Indiana. He holds a degree in Pastoral Ministries and Counselling. After living in a haunted house for almost seven years and writing about those experiences in his first book, The FEEDERS at Night, he set his literary sights on trying to uncover the history of that haunted location. Awaken the FEEDERS was born! The events depicted in these two books have given him an unusual insight into the paranormal, and together with his love of helping people he has found new opportunities to counsel and guide others who are struggling, just as he had struggled living in that haunted house. Aldo is currently still living in Fort Wayne, IN, enjoys his time with his children and fully expects to continue to write about the paranormal. 

I have been fighting cancer most of my adult life. Originally diagnosed with Non-Hotchkins Lymphoma in 2001, I underwent radiation treatment and soon was cancer free... so I thought. Going about my routine tasks as work in 2016 I noticed some very sharp pains in my left armpit. After a doctor’s visit I was told that I was already stage 3 reoccurrence and needed some specialized treatment to knock the cancer out or I wasn't going to see the New Year. Each day, as I drove myself to the Cancer Treatment Center, I looked at the very important details of the life going on all around me. Determined to not allow this opportunity to go to waste, I started writing an online journal for my friends and family to see and be encouraged. This is a collection of that journal.